In this day of highly connected mobile devices, Big Data, and digital content, the need for modern technology infrastructure is critical. The technology that supports this changes rapidly, as does the demand from consumers.

To tackle these changes and provide the campus with access to the data and services wanted and needed, Administrative Technologies’ Infrastructure, Operations, and Networking (ION) group rises to the occasion.

Many of us don’t see or know what goes on behind the scenes to bring campus many of these services, and for ION, that is OK by them. ION Director Craig Jackson is excited about the work his team is doing.

“In the team, we always talk about how exciting it is to have people want our services,” Jackson said. “We provide access to so many resources to enable students, faculty, and staff to do the work that makes ISU an outstanding institution, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously.”

To deliver the quality of service we have all come to expect, the ION group is hard at work, often behind the scenes over breaks and weekends when it is least impactful to students and faculty. As more bandwidth-intensive content such as class videos, high-definition Netflix, and YouTube videos are consumed, the need to keep the network and wireless service “up to speed” with current demand requires significant changes.

Two critical projects are underway to meet these needs. The Wireless Upgrade Project has improved the wireless service in 45 buildings during its first two phases, and ION anticipates having the entire campus, including the Laboratory Schools, upgraded in fall 2016.

Another ION project focuses on improving the access and capacity for ISU students living in the residence halls. The “ResNet” Upgrade Project will provide 10 times the capacity students had last year to help them with their academic pursuits and living interests. The residence hall network upgrade is scheduled for completion in August 2016.

These improvements will continue throughout 2016. For questions about these projects or for additional information on services AT’s ION group provides, please contact Jackson at