Summer is a time for catching up with old friends, taking a summer class or two, vacationing with your family and working at an internship. Unfortunately, summer is also often a time when students experience a lapse of coverage in their health insurance.

Student health insurance offered by Student Health Services makes it easy to avoid finding yourself uninsured when you need it.

For any student who registers for six or more credit hours for the summer term on or before May 16, summer coverage will automatically be assessed to their fees for the term. These students do not have to take any additional steps to enroll, and the student insurance fee will be included with their tuition and fees.

Any student who is not registered for six credit hours this summer, or who registers for classes after May 16, can still apply for summer coverage:

  1. Sign into
  2. Choose the “Student” tab
  3. Look for the Student Health Insurance option
  4. Follow the posted instructions

Once registered, the $187 summer insurance fee will be charged to your student account. Students who are not taking six hours over the summer and are interested in the summer student health insurance will have had to have been enrolled in spring classes.

Students can register for summer coverage between April 4 and May 16. If you have any questions, call the Student Health Insurance office at (309) 438-2515.