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Research and Honors, April 26, 2016

Linda Showers, COB, made the top 100 Best Business Professor Blogs for Practical Results.

Glenn Block, MUS, is a guest conductor with the National Orchestra of Vietnam. Block is performing with Paul Borg, MUS emeritus.

Marjorie A. Jones, CHE, published “Synthesis of Novel Quaternary Ammonium Salts and Their in Vitro Antileishmanial Activity and U-937 Cell Cytotoxicity” in Molecules.

Allison Alcorn, MUS, had her article, “Cecil Adkins: Master of One—From the Monochord to the Trumpet Marine,” published in the Spring 2016 Newsletter of the American Musical Instrument Society.

Sudipa Topdar, HIS, presented “Reading the Muscular Body: Childhoods and Boy Cultures in Late Colonial Bengal” at the British Association for South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge. She also presented “Politicized Bodies: Childhoods and Nationalist Contestations in Late Colonial Bengal” at the Association for Asian Studies in Seattle, where she chaired a panel.

Andy Rummel, MUS, presented a guest recital and conducted a master class on tuba and euphonium performance at the University of Memphis.

Katrin Paehler, HIS, presented “The ‘Era of the Witness’ Ends–Holocaust Education in the 21st Century,” as part of the Holocaust Lecture Series for Illinois College, funded by a grant from the Holocaust Educational Foundation.

Faculty and students of the Department of Politics and Government recently presented papers at the 2016 Midwest Political Science Annual meeting in Chicago.  They included:
Michaelene Cox, “Idiosyncrasies in Open Government: Europe’s Digital Agenda and e-Transactions.”
Carl Palmer “It IS All About Me:  The Political Correlates of the Narcissistic Personality.”
Meghan Leonard,  “Court-Curbing Introductions in the States: Motivated by Institutional Power or Political Disagreement.”
Kerri Milita presented “Children of the ‘copter: Helicopter Parenting and the Policy Attitudes of College Students” and co-presented “The Modern Gatekeepers in Mass Media.”
Carlos Parodi and Osaore Aideyan presented their co-authored paper “A Political Explanation of the Persistence of Informality in Developing Countries: Evidence from Peru and Nigeria.”
Julie Webber made a presentation on “Grisly Feminism: Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina and the Politics of Anxious Recognition in the 2016 Election.”
L.J Zigerell presented “From the Social Science File Drawer: Sex Discrimination in Mock Employment Evaluations.”
Leonard, Milita, and Palmer also presented a co-authored paper entitled “Too Close for [Dis]Comfort?  How Institutional Proximity Shapes Public Confidence in Government.”


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