New freshmen and new transfer students nominated the following Illinois State faculty, staff and students for a 2016 Impact Award. Students are contacted to nominate an individual at Illinois State who has made a difference in their education and academic success.

image of the Impact Awards logoThis award is designed to show appreciation for the impact individual members of the campus community have on our new students and on student retention.


Please join us in congratulating the following individuals for their significant contributions to our students and to first-year retention.

Academic Advisors:

Priyanka Aich, M.A., M.B.A., Academic Advisor, University College

Brian Aitken, M.S. in Ed., Assistant Coordinator, University College

Andre Allen, M.S., Academic Advisor, University College

Senesta Davis, M.S.W., Coordinator, Student Affairs

Gregory Diller, M.S., Academic Advisor, University College

Sarah Dolan*, M.S., Academic Advisor, School of Teaching and Learning

Nuusa Faamoe*, M.S., Academic Advisor, University College

Tara Hjalmquist, M. Ed., Academic Advisor, English

Megan Larson, B.A., Academic Advisor, School of Biological Sciences

Julie Ann Navickas, M.S., Academic Advisor, School of Communication

Sarah Warzecha, M.S., Academic Advisor, University College



Allison Andrews, Freshman, Elementary Education

Megan Cavanaugh, Junior, Communication Studies

Natalie Cortellassi, Freshman, Special Education

Samuel Costabile, Freshman, Marketing

Alison Dungca, Freshman, Early Childhood Education

Hayley Elwell, Freshman, Elementary Education

Antonio Foster, Senior, Management

Shannon Freund, Freshman, Marketing

Meaghan Gallagher, Junior, Special Education

Mikayla Gear, Sophomore, Elementary Education

Drashane Glass, Sophomore, Physical Education

Tyler Gonigam, Freshman, Accounting

Selena Gonzalez, Sophomore, History (MASAI)

Leslieann Harris, Graduate, College Student Personnel Administration

Jacob Hertzmann, Senior, Management (Peer Advisor, University College)

Sarah Hogan*, Freshman, Psychology

Logan Ingersoll, Freshman, Exercise Science

Daniel Jackson, Sophomore, Elementary Education

Jamilah Jackson, Freshman, Psychology

Max Johnson, Freshman, Management

Jaylon Joyner, Senior, Athletic Training

Samantha Kenney, Freshman, Elementary Education

Rebecca Krzyszkowski, Senior, Rec and Park Administration

John Limon, Sophomore, Business Administration

Abbigail Maynard, Senior, Marketing

Jacqueline Mink, Senior, Marketing

Emily Moses, Freshman, Family and Consumer Sciences

Riley Poppell, Freshman, Accounting

Rachel Sands, Junior, Sociology

Daniel Seely, Freshman, Marketing

Whitney Spencer, Freshman, Special Education

Anna Travis, Freshman, Undeclared

Tiffany Wallace, Freshman, Prelicensure BSN

Toni Wells, Senior, Communication Studies

Trivon Wells, Junior, Finance

Genesis White, Sophomore, Political Science

Maggie Wickman, Freshman, Special Education

Susan Zalewski, Sophomore, Management



Marcus Alouan, M.S., Director, Gamma Phi Circus

Jill Benson, M.S., Associate Dean, Dean of Students

Stephanie Duquenne, M.S., Director, Alumni Relations

Phyllis Frimpong, Graduate Assistant, Julia N. Visor Academic Center

Christopher Hamilton, Graduate Assistant, Julia N. Visor Academic Center

Jennifer Krzyszkowski, Graduate Assistant, Julia N. Visor Academic Center

Christie Martin, M.S., Assistant Director, Honors Program

Jacqueline McClure, M.S., Supervisor Clinical, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Jess Ray, M.S., University Registrar, University Registrar

Jillian Richardson, M.S., Staff Counselor (Intern), Student Counseling Services

Annjanette Weaver, M.S. in Ed., Specialist Sr, Dean of Students

Keenan O. Wimbley, Assistant to the Director Int Athletics, Athletics Study Center

Laurenn York, M.A., Advisor, Career Center



Sally Arnett-Harwick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences

Hulda Black, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Marketing

Amy Blough, Clinical Assistant Professor, Special Education

Heidi Bowman*, M.A., Instructional Assistant, English

David Combs, Graduate Assistant Teaching, English

Anthony Crubaugh, Ph.D., Department Chairperson, History

Harlan Fuller, M.S., Instructional Assistant Professor, Accounting

Stephanie Gardiner-Walsh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Special Education

Thomas Gerschick, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology

Lee Anne R. Hale, Lecturer, School of Communication

Jodi Hallsten Lyczak, Ph.D., School of Communication

Maribeth Lartz, Ph.D., Professor, Special Education

Carrie Lawton, M.H.A., Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Deborah Lesser, M.S., Lecturer, School of Communication

Carol Lind, Ph.D., Instructional Assistant Professor, English

Maria Matsuda, M.A., M.S., Instructional Assistant Professor

Thomas McClure, J.D., Associate Professor, Legal Studies

John McHale, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Communications

Donald Eugene Meyer, Lecturer, Family and Consumer Sciences

Kristin Moroni, M.M., Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Music

Kimberly Rhykerd, D.V.M, Lecturer, Agriculture

Maria Schmeeckle, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Martin Seggelke, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Music

William Shields, M.S., Specialist Computer Support, Geology

Derek Story, M.S., Director HR Systems, Human Resources

Joseph Trefzger, Ph.D., Professor, Finance

Elisa VanMeenen, M.S., Instructional Assistant Professor, University College

Justin Vickers, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Music

Julian Westerhout, M.A., Instructional Assistant Professor, Politics and Government

Anna Marie Wright, M.S., Lecturer, School of Communication

Thomas Zona, Ph.D., Instructional Assistant Professor, Chemistry


*Received more than one nomination

For more information on the Impact Awards, go to the University College website.