Flower arrangements for sale created by students in Landscapes for Love

Flower arrangements for sale, created by students in Landscapes for Love

Students in Daniella Barroquiero’s Art 208 class had an amazing opportunity this semester when they approached the time for their civic engagement project. For the project, the students worked with the registered student organization (RSO) Landscapes for Love to make ceramic and other nature-based sculptures, creating fairy gardens. The finished pieces not only went to the RSO, but also to the Horticulture Center.

The students in Barroquiero’s class are early childhood education majors and willingly donated their pieces to these groups. The Horticulture Center used these pieces as examples for their April Make and Take event, where children came and learned how to make their own fairy gardens. Landscapes for Love is using some of the pieces for a flower sale this Friday, May 6 through Sunday, May 8. The sale will take place in front of the University Galleries on Beaufort Street in Uptown Normal, across from the brand new Hyatt Place hotel.

Landscapes for Love is a non-profit organization helping people create clean, healthy, beautiful outdoor living environments at home.