The Robert R. McCormick Foundation recently notified Center for the Study of Education Policy (CSEP) staff that the Board of Directors approved a three-year grant to develop a library of early childhood teaching videos.

This project is an extension of the PreK-3rd Grade Danielson Framework for Teaching study. With this grant, CSEP staff will develop and disseminate a library of early childhood videos to support the professional development and evaluation of early childhood teachers and their leaders (e.g., early childhood directors and PreK-3rd principals). The videos will focus on developmentally appropriate and best practice as it relates to teaching, learning, and evaluation using the Danielson Framework as an organizer accompanied with a host of other relevant resources.

In late summer/early fall of 2016, CSEP staff will convene a steering committee to begin planning the content and format of the videos and taking recommendations for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers who might be excellent candidates to be spotlighted in the videos. The taping is planned to begin in winter 2017 with videos available on a rolling basis beginning in approximately a year.