The following resources might be helpful to school districts and the community partners who work with them.

Blog: Lessons on Using Data for Collective Impact. Hilary Rhodes of the Wallace Foundation shares the findings from a nine-city study on afterschool programs and the lessons these cities learned along the way about how to better leverage data within their programs. Read about their recommendations.

Community Stakeholders need to be involved in ESSA. A new report from Education Commission of the States, Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement, reviews the topic of stakeholder engagement and provides a framework for going beyond simply engaging stakeholders for input to collaborating with them during the process to help create a plan that addresses the desired outcomes for their state and that meets the expectations of the law.

In his letter, Secretary King states that “the Department [U.S. Department of Education] recommends that States and districts design processes that allow stakeholders the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback throughout the development of plans and policies related to ESSA implementation as well as throughout the implementation of the law.” As part of Education Commission of the States’ ongoing work, this timely report explores the importance of not only bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders during the planning process, but also the value of creating a process that supports full engagement from stakeholders to create a successful state plan.