Deirdre Savaria graduated from Illinois State University in May 2016, along with 14 other philosophy majors.

Savaria sat down to answer a couple of questions from the Department of Philosophy:

What have you enjoyed most about being a philosophy major at Illinois State?

I have enjoyed being exposed to a diverse group of philosophers, with different focuses and perspectives.  I have made lifelong friends and feel that my peers, as well as my professors, have stretched me to learn and think in many new ways.  Philosophy here changed my life because it was at the very core of everything I have always loved.  I never really knew that I was using art as a medium for philosophy before I was exposed to this major.  It has given me a true purpose and sense of identity.

If you had to take one philosophy book or article to a desert island, which would it be?

Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.  I have some things to sort out in there.

Do your friends and family know that you study philosophy?

Yes, they do.

What other majors did you consider?

I originally began as a theater major.  I started in theater education and took some Philosophy classes over time.  I changed to a basic theater degree and picked up my philosophy minor into a second major. I’ve considered biology, communications (radio), and ceramics but none of the other work resonated with me like philosophy does.

What are you plans after graduation?

I plan to continue working on my philosophical children’s book series, “Phil & Sophie.”  I’ll be reading as much as possible and hopefully applying to Master’s programs to better facilitate my work in educating youth.