Dear IL Birth to Third Grade (B-3) Community,

I hope you all are enjoying a lovely summer. I write with mixed feelings as I share the news that I will be moving on from my role as Birth Through Third Grade (B-3) director. I have been offered a fantastic opportunity to build upon previous experience and work with colleagues at Erikson Institute, and will be starting there in a new role as chief of staff soon.

It has been a privilege to get to know you and your colleagues, schools, and programs, and to work with such talented and passionate leaders. I want to thank you for your partnership as I navigated developing supports for your communities, and for the energy you brought to the recent IL Birth to Third Grade (B-3) Continuity Conference. Aligning systems and supports for our most vulnerable children and families is important work, and we are lucky to have such caring and competent partners in you.

I have plans to transition my responsibilities and until further notice, all B-3 related inquiries and updates should go to my colleague, Lisa Hood, at, who conceptualized this program and has been a part of implementation from its inception. I look forward to seeing how this work progresses and to keeping in touch!

Warm regards,

Elizabeth Rothkopf