Milner Library puts books and articles on course reserves for students to read. These can be online readings posted in your ReggieNet site or made available through the library’s website. Course reserves can also be physical copies of textbooks provided by the professor, suggested additional readings that are owned by Milner, videos, answer keys for homework, or other materials that students would benefit from having access to. Our media reserves allow students to view films for a class, and in addition to placing films on reserve for the semester, you may also book them to show in your class on specific days. Milner’s collection of streaming videos lets you embed videos from Kanopy, Alexander Street Press, and others directly into your ReggieNet sites.

Milner offers late night hours during the regular semesters and extended hours over the summer to accommodate students’ needs. Course reserves are accessible all hours the library is open. Putting materials on course reserves is a great way to increase your students’ success by allowing students who may not be able to afford a textbook to access it for free, and it helps students who may find themselves on campus without their book to get extra work done without returning home!

Letting Milner staff take care of your online readings is also a great way to avoid worrying about copyright issues–library staff deal with it every day and can help your students access course materials legally.

If you have questions or would like to add course reserve materials for your upcoming classes, please contact Milner Library Course Reserves at