Need help finding a job? Need a career expert to review your resume? Trying to decide whether to pursue graduate school? Illinois State students and alumni can get help with their job search and career plans from the Career Center. The Career Center provides current students and alumni with the following support:

  • Career assistance – Get career advice and support from a professional career advisor, including: developing a concrete career plan, utilizing self-assessment tools, and much more.
  • Resume reviews –  Draft your resume. Then get feedback on it by visiting the Career Center during drop-in hours or by attending Late-night Resume Reviews at Milner Library.
  • Job search assistance – Research hiring companies, identify open positions, and apply for jobs with Hire-A-Redbird.
  • Career events – Save the date for upcoming career fairs and networking events to connect with employers and to refine your networking skills.
  • Interview practice – Visit InterviewStream to get interview questions listed by major and job industry, and practice your answers.
  • Career Resource Guide – Check out the Career Resource Guide for helpful career and job search tips, at your fingertips!
  • Graduate School Series – Thinking about graduate school? Be sure to attend the Graduate School Series for a variety of topics on what you may need to think about before you apply.

Learn more about how the Career Center can assist you. Visit the Career Center or call (309) 438-0230.