It may seem far away, but move-in week 2016 will be here before students know it. To help get started, University Housing Services wants to share a few tips to get students ready to move into residence halls or Cardinal Court.

Follow your assigned move-in time
New students are assigned a specific timeframe during move-in week depending on housing area and floor. An assigned move-in time is also when your keys will be available. Students will be able to mark their calendars with a time soon when we release the move-in schedule in early July.

We also suggest to not wait until the last half hour to arrive, as the next group of students will be coming in right behind, making foot and car traffic heavier than it needs to be.

More hands means a smoother move
As soon as cars are parked, our Curb Bird student volunteers will help unload and get all stuff set up in line. Students can go even faster off the elevators and into rooms by having family tag along to pitch in with the move.

Those with questions about housing or about campus in general can stop anyone in a Curb Bird or Housing staff shirt to get answers.

Going to use our move-in carts? 

wooden flat cart with boxes stacked on it

An example of the Illinois State move-in cart or you can bring you own.

Make sure to bring an ID for every cart that needs to be checked out. Also as packing starts at home, try to have the majority of  belongings packed in boxes, totes, or suitcases to make it easier to stack items on carts. We’ll also be there to help, so students don’t stack too high when loading on the elevators.

Want to avoid the wait in cart check out? Bring a personal cart or dolly to help speed up the move.

Dress for the occasion
Don’t forget to check the forecast for move-in day. We will send out notifications via the move-in app if weather becomes threatening. Otherwise, remember to wear closed-toe shoes and dress comfortably. You can dress to impress for the rest of the semester.

Also make sure to stay hydrated if the temperatures start to rise. We’ll have water stations available too!


The only pets allowed in rooms are fish. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Flickr user protographer23)

Unless it has gills, fins and fits in a something smaller than a 10 gallon tank, it can’t come to college with you
The only “pets” allowed within housing are fish. That just means more FaceTime with furry friends and pictures to bring for rooms.

It’s only August, leave the winter coats and boots at home
A huge piece of advice many alumni give students moving in is to not bring everything and the kitchen sink. Those who can plan for a trip home after move-in week, have less to carry in, which speeds up the move-in process.

two students with plastic wrap and cart

Curb Birds help pack and secure items onto carts to move into halls.

Bring a bike if it fits or look at Reggie Ride
Many of our students love the bike-friendly community. Those who don’t have room to bring a bike during move-in, but still want the chance to take a bike ride on a sunny day, check out Campus Recreation’s Reggie Ride.

The secret to move-in…plastic wrap
To help keep those items easy to move on our move-in carts or a personal cart, we’ll have several volunteers going around with plastic wrap to keep your items secured to one place.

two students building loft

For those who reserved a loft kit, it will be delivered and ready for assembling.

One loft kit please!
During room selection, students had the option to have a loft kit delivered to their rooms. To make building the loft easier (as it comes disassembled), consider bringing a rubber mallet. We only have a select number available.

Share your photos and memories with us
Move-in at Illinois State is an experience that is remembered forever. Share the day with others with #RedbirdMoveIn.

BONUS TIP- Learning Watterson
Watterson elevators only stop on the third floor of each house. If you are not on the third floor, you will either walk up the stairs to the fourth or fifth floor or walk down to the first or second. For example: Room #203 Pickering: Take the elevator to the 3rd floor (Level C) of Pickering House and walk down one flight of stairs.