Turning Technologies, Illinois State’s classroom clickers provider, is introducing important improvements for fall 2016. This means both students and instructors need to be ready for the change, which includes new, cloud-based technology and a subscription model.

Clickers are devices that allow instructors to poll students in the classroom, with the results displayed for all to see and discuss.


This fall, students will need to purchase a subscription (with the option of either one or four years) to use an existing TurningPoint clicker. Students who are new to campus or need a clicker for the first time will be able to purchase a device bundled with their subscription.

If a clicker is required for a particular class, instructors will list it along with required textbooks. Subscriptions and bundles will be available for purchase from the campus bookstores and directly through Turning Technologies’ special website for Illinois State students.

Students can also get a rebate for purchases made for the 2016–2017 academic year. Rebates require the use of special offer codes. Students can download rebate information and a one-page guide showing how to register your subscription in ReggieNet once the fall semester begins.


This change requires instructors who are using clickers in the fall to adopt the new TurningPoint Cloud software. Continuing to use the current software is not an option. This is a change being made by the vendor, and Illinois State has no choice but to make this transition now.

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology is committed to helping instructors adopt this new software quickly and with a minimum of fuss. You can learn more about this transition on CTLT’s clickers support site, Clickers.IllinoisState.edu.

Starting July 12, CTLT will offer several workshops for both current clickers users and those who wish to adopt clickers for the first time in the fall. Instructors are strongly encouraged to attend one of these session. However, if attendance is not possible, please email CTLT@ilstu.edu or call (309) 438-2542 to arrange a one-on-one consultation as soon as possible.

Also, as is always the case with clickers, instructors must contact Learning Spaces to make sure clickers software and hardware is properly installed in their classrooms. This still must be done before each semester.

Getting help

Students should contact TechZone for hardware support issues with their clickers. Students who need help with ReggieNet should contact the Technology Support Center.

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology provides instructional support to teachers. Email CTLT@ilstu.edu. Instructors who encounter technical issues with their classroom or office computer need to open a support ticket.