The following resources might be helpful to school districts and the community partners who work with them.

College Isn’t Always the Way to Get Ahead. It’s a Way to Not Fall Behind. (Bloomberg, August 1). For generations of Americans, a college degree was the best way to advance. These days, it may be a way to avoid losing ground. That’s the unfortunate reality facing millions of Americans in an era of stagnant wages and soaring higher-education costs.

Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement: This report offers a framework for going beyond simply engaging stakeholders for input to collaborating with them to create shared goals and improved results.

5Essentials Overview: What it is and How Community Schools Can Use the Data to Inform their Work. Please join us for an upcoming webinar designed to provide background information on the 5Essentials, including information and strategies how community school practitioners can use 5Essentials data to inform their work.