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Human Library volunteer registration open

Students at ISU's Human Library

First-year students attend Illinois State's first Human Library on September 16, 2014, featuring "books" (speakers) who have experienced prejudice or discrimination in their lives.

The Human Library at Illinois State University is seeking volunteers to assist with a program scheduled for Wednesday, September 21.

A Human Library is a living library, where the Books are humans and the stories are their lives. “A Human Library Book is a person who has volunteered to challenge prejudice and social exclusion through respectful conversation,” said Katie Pratt of University College, which oversees the Human Library.

Human Library volunteers are needed to assist with various aspects of the event on September 21, such as student check in, Book check in, session monitors, etc. Volunteers can be ISU faculty, staff, students, or community members.

A worldwide project, the Human Library at Illinois State began in 2014 with around 500 first-year students meeting with Books. This year, the number of students will expand as more classes are added to the project.

To sign up or for additional information, visit or contact the Human Library committee at

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