Ecaterina Dancenco, M.S. ’16, an international graduate student in the Department of Technology is finishing her master’s degree with international experiences.

Dancenco traveled to Nice, France, in July to present “Evaluation of Employee Performance in High-Tech Sector” at the International Research Meeting in Business and Management. The research project was conducted with Technology Professor Jamie Wieland using a simulation model to analyze the theoretical effectiveness of the forced distribution rank system (FDRS). One goal was to identify situations in which the forced distribution rank system may hinder organizational performance.

Dancenco found Nice to be “such a beautiful place, like a paradise with those palms and gorgeous architecture.” Thankfully, she left the day before the terrorist attack in Nice.

Dancenco next traveled to Munich, Germany, to complete an intensive German language course before starting her internship at BMW. During the first two days of her internship, she met two women from the same region of Moldavia who also speak her native language.

As part of the internship, Dancenco is supporting seven people on her team. She was able to visit the BMW production site for a guided tour.