Organizers are looking for proposals for the Fall 2016 Culturally Responsive Campus Community (CRCC) Conference in late October.

This semester’s conference, titled United to Challenge Systems of Oppression, will be October 24-25, at the Bone Student Center. The CRCC is seeking presentations, papers, workshops, and panels that will equip faculty with knowledge and ideas to bring conversations into the classroom on the topic of oppression.

Submissions are due by Tuesday, September 6. Proposals can be submitted here.

CRCC members are seeking proposals on a wide range of topics, including ageism, LGBTQ issues, race, and the wage gap. More information about the conference can be found on the CRCC website.

The goal of the conference is to ignite conversation that leads to a more equitable campus environment, noted CRCC member Stacey Hardin. “There are so many reasons people avoid talking about this difficult subject,” said Hardin, who is also an assistant professor of special education. “Some people don’t know what to say. Some don’t want to offend anyone. Some don’t think it is an issue, or don’t think it impacts their field or classrooms.”

Hardin noted the conference will be the perfect place for faculty members who are nervous about having difficult conversations to garner ideas. “It’s heartbreaking when students say they stay silent in the classroom, for fear of angering other students or their instructors,” said Hardin. “Their silence means they feel powerless, and we are all losing out on what they can contribute to the conversation.”

For information on proposals, contact or call 438-5993.

The mission of the Culturally Responsive Campus Community is to enlighten, educate, and ignite conversation and action around campus to create a more equitable and just campus environment for all students, faculty, and staff at Illinois State University.