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With an alumni base of more than 200,000, it’s not surprising that graduates have settled in just about every state of the nation. It’s also not hard to understand why Illinois has the largest number of Redbirds, with more than 125,000 still living within the state.

Redbird map

But did you know that Florida has 4,148 graduates compared to the 4,126 living in California? On the other end of the spectrum, there are only 56 in Rhode Island, 62 in West Virginia and Vermont, and 66 in North Dakota.

A map showing where Redbirds have settled is now available. Visit the site to learn how many fellow graduates are in your part of the country.

Get to know fellow Redbirds in your area by joining a regional network. Go to for information about local groups. Find out how you can start one by calling (800) 366-4478 or email