Anthony Joseph, CSD, co-authored “Development of a blast-related auditory injury database (BRAID)” for the Journal of Rehab, Research and Development.

Fred Smith, ANT, co-authored “Špilje Zala u dijakronijskoj prespktivi: sažetak resultata. (Zala cave in diachronic perspective: summary results)” in Arheologia. He also co-authored “Interactions in the Old Stone Age: Possible scenarios using the Vindija biological evidence” for Croatia at the Crossroads.

Eric Wesselmann and Eros DeSouza, PSY, were two of the authors for the article “Social Exclusion in Everyday Life” in Social Exclusion: Psychological Approaches to Understanding and Reducing Its Impact.

Qiliang He, HIS, published “Spectacular Death: Sheng Xuanhuai’s Funeral in 1917,” in Twentieth-Century China.

Sarah Boesdorfer, CHE, co-presented “Effect of Feedback on Academic Achievement and Self-regulatory Skills of High School Chemistry Students” as a poster presentation at the 24th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education in Greeley, Colorado. She also presented “Standards-based Grading in a Large General Chemistry Course,” and co-presented “Crosscutting Concepts Guiding Curricular Changes in High School Chemistry” at the same conference.

Eric Willey, MIL, presented “Creating Newspaper-Style Captions and Metadata to Describe Images That Cannot be Digitized Due to Copyright Concerns” in the “Deal With It: Working with Difficult Media and the Art of Making It Accessible” panel at the ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2016 conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Denise Hammer, MCN, presented “Management of the Newborn At Risk for Hypoglycemia” at the March of Dimes 41st Annual Perinatal Nursing Conference.