Illinois State University sends approximately 500 students abroad each year on a variety of study abroad programs around the world ranging from 10 days to 10 months in duration.

There are many reasons why students choose to enhance their Illinois State University experience by studying abroad. Students can take courses in an new education system and learn about topics that are unique to their study abroad destination. Study abroad gives students an opportunity to have an adventure and develop personally. Furthermore, students who participate gain global perspective, develop skills such as cross-cultural communication, leadership, and adaptability. There are also tangible benefits that come from studies abroad such as developing foreign language proficiency and enhancing a resume.

Regardless of their reason, our alumni think this is an experience not to be missed.

Watch as some of our recent study abroad alumni recap their experience and the reasons why they chose to become a Roamin’ Redbird.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Study Abroad website to learn how to get started.