You can now experience Illinois State University from new heights.

Two students overlook campus

Did you know Watterson Towers is the tallest point in Illinois between Chicago and St. Louis?

The Office of Admissions, University Housing Services, and University Marketing and Communications joined together to revamp Watterson Towers’ top-floor residential lounge to give visitors a new way to see the campus.

This space, called Bird’s Eye View, gives visitors and current students the chance to look out over Illinois State’s campus for an unforgettable view.

Director of Admissions Jeff Mavros says Bird’s Eye View adds to the visitor experience at Illinois State.

Students look at quick facts in Bird's Eye View

There are residence hall lounges and then there’s the Bird’s Eye View.

“Watterson Towers has long been a favorite campus spot of both residents and visitors to campus,” he said. “In many ways, it represents the distinction in the Illinois State experience, and we wanted to honor that in a special way. We hope guests appreciate the points of institutional pride that now fill this space and that they enjoy the incredible views of our beautiful campus from this unique vantage point.”

The space also features fun facts about the University. From how many steps there are in Watterson Towers to information on Steak ‘N Shake’s founding and more, you can brush up on your Redbird trivia while enjoying the breathtaking views.

How can I visit Bird’s Eye View?

The space is open for viewing during any regularly scheduled Daily Campus Visit or Saturday Campus Visit through the Office of Admissions. It is not available on Open House dates due to the high volume of visitors at these events.

To learn more about the various visit opportunities available and to find the right option for you, please check out our other visit options or contact the Office of Admissions Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. at (800) 366-2478.