What is the Body Project? Why should I be a part of it?

Many of you may have seen fliers on campus advertising the Body Project and asked yourself these two questions.

image of the Body Project logo

The Body Project is a program offered by Student Counseling Services.

The Body Project, a program offered by Student Counseling Services, is designed for women. It teaches women the importance of maintaining a positive body image. The Body Project also helps women to recognize that the “thin ideal” is not realistic. Comparing ourselves to the models in magazines and even our friends is not healthy. Instead, the Body Project teaches women how to recognize negative self-statements in others as well as ourselves and develop a means of counter-arguing fat talk with peers and family.

Through activities that challenge self-awareness and discussions on this topic, this two-session program teaches participants to be empowered to evoke change with women on campus. Women who complete the Body Project are able to challenge other students’ perspectives on the ultra-thin ideal and create a positive image of themselves. Through participating in this program, many women find that they discover aspects of their body that they did not appreciate before.

If you are wondering whether you should participate in the Body Project, know that by participating you are helping to challenge the thin ideal in women at Illinois State. You are directly assisting in changing the way we look at women and the expectations that are placed on women by society. You are doing your part to ensure that the unrealistic standards of beauty in today’s society change.

There are multiple training dates, but a limited number of spots, so sign up today!