Want to feel more comfortable in your own skin? 

Would you like to engage in behaviors to maximize your health without succumbing to body shaming, or focusing on unhealthy ideals portrayed by the media?   If so, check out the Body Project, a leadership and healthy body image program for college women at Illinois State University.

The Body Project is a peer-led program designed to help women learn how to combat the unrealistic, ultra-thin ideal portrayed by the media.  Participants will develop strategies for stopping ‘fat talk’ in conversations with friends and loved ones, develop a more positive relationship with their bodies, and learn how engage in Body Activism.

The Body Project includes two, 2-hour sessions.   All participants who complete both sessions will earn a certificate of completion.  Where applicable, students will earn credit towards the ISU Leads Certificate.  Pre-registration is required.

The Body Project is starting soon, and there are a variety of dates and times available.  For more information, please contact Dr. Jenni Thome, Eating Disorder and Body Image Outreach Coordinator, Student Counseling Services, or Jim Almeda, Health Promotion and Wellness.