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CAST students excel in their summer internships in Washington, D.C.

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This past summer, Criminal Justice Sciences students had the time of their life as interns in our nation’s capital.

Obtaining an internship while in college is a fantastic way for students to get hands-on experience outside the classroom and in their selected career field. The Washington, D.C., internship program is available annually to students who are in good academic standing within the College of Applied Science and Technology.

This internship experience is unlike the traditional internship experience. Illinois State University students have the opportunity to travel across the country and live in a new city all while interning with their government agency of choice. Through this program, students are able earn credit hours towards graduation, gain practical life experience, and knowledge of their potential career path all at the same time.

Alexis Noggle spent her summer in the Investigative Services Bureau, Criminal Investigation, and Financial Crimes Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department. Michael Kosik had the opportunity to work the Inspector General in the Office of Investigations for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Noggle had a life-changing experience.

“Before I did this internship, I really had no interest at all in being a police officer,” Noggle said. “This internship changed everything. I could definitely see being a police officer in the future now.”

In addition, Noggle was able to learn about and work directly with various police units within the city such as the Helicopter Police Unit, the Financial Fraud and Cyber Crimes Unit, the K9 Unit, the Mounted Horse Patrol Unit, and many others.

Making connections

Kosik, who worked with the EPA, said his favorite part of the internship experience was the connections he made.

“The team I worked with had such a great chemistry and I fit right in with it, which not only helped me learn a lot but it also made going to work extremely enjoyable,” Kosik said.

He not only learned that it is humid in D.C. over the summer, but also key skills, tasks, and tips that will help him become a successful federal agent.

“My internship made me want a career in this field even more than I already did. It confirmed that it is truly what I want in life, so I’m very happy and excited about that,” Kosik said.

Both Noggle and Kosik want students who may be hesitant about applying to just go for it.

“Coming from an extremely small town of 4,500 I thought that living in the city might be an issue for me, but it wasn’t! It’s hard to get homesick when you are constantly doing amazing activities,” Noggle said.

Apply now to participate in the Washington, D.C., internship program for 2017. The deadline is Tuesday, November 1.

Contact Kara Pool Snyder at (309) 438-3986 or by email for more information about CAST internship opportunities.