Supreme Court citation
A research brief by Joel Schneider, PSY, was referenced in a reversal of a death sentence in a Florida court. The cited work is “Principles of Assessment of Aptitude and Achievement” in the Oxford Handbook of Child Psychological Assessment, Oxford University Press, 2013.

Kathryn Sampeck, ANT, published “Cacao Biology: Chocolate a Superfood,” in ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America.

James van der Laan, LAN, published the book Narratives of Technology.

Steven Peters, Timothy Lash, and Marjorie Jones, were co-authors on the article “Nitric Oxide Production within Leishmania tarentolae Axenic Promastigotes and Amastigotes is Induced by Carbaporphyrin Ketals” in JSM Tropical Medicine and Research.

Taeok Park, CDS, published “Effects of tongue pressing effortful swallow in older healthy individuals” in the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

Faculty from the Department of Politics and Government presented papers at the 2016 American Political Science Association annual meeting in Philadelphia. Meghan Leonard presented her co-authored piece “Gendered Leadership and State Supreme Court Chief Justices: A Survey Analysis.” Carl Palmer presented his co-authored piece “Islamophobia: Elite Messaging and the Nature of Beliefs about Muslims.” Kam Shapiro presented “The Impoliteness of Smart Power” and T.Y. Wang, presented his co-authored piece “Political Cleavage in Taiwan: Is there a Shift?” Palmer and Shapiro also served as chairs of panels entitled “A Myriad of Media Effects” and Transforming Violence,” respectively.