Below are resources for early childhood professionals and those serving the early childhood community.

Podcasts Available: Conversations on Advancing Early Learning The Committee for Economic Development (CED) has produced five podcasts in a series titled, “Advancing Early Learning.”  The CED affirms that strong early childhood programs are central to a healthy economy.  The five topics addressed in the podcast series are found in the links below:

  1. Unraveling the Science of Early Brain Development
  2. The Role of Philanthropy in Early Learning
  3. How Business is Improving Access and Quality
  4. Insights from Research About a Strong Educational Start for Children
  5. The Importance of Investing in Early Learning

The Institute for Child Success released four PFS feasibility studies representing two states and two local-level governments—Connecticut; Washington; Spartanburg, South Carolina; and Sonoma County, California—and the opportunities for using PFS to support investments in early childhood programs.

Implicit Bias  Researchers at the Yale Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine conducted a study that suggests preschool teachers and staff show signs of implicit bias while administering discipline. Eye-tracking technology allowed researchers to note that preschool teachers “show a tendency to more closely observe blacks and especially black boys when challenging behaviors are expected.”

Understanding IL Early Childhood System  The early childhood system is complexcomprising of different programs and funding streams. Sometimes, it may be hard to understand the early childhood system and how to best serve young children and families in Illinois. Through the generous support of the Boeing Company, Illinois Action for Children produced a series of eight videos that features a different part of the early childhood system. The videos are intended to help individuals that work with families and young children directly to understand how they can best make referrals and connect them to helpful services.