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Mammoth Caves extended trip, November 19–22


Journey down below the surface of the earth with the Adventure program.

Travel through the longest cave system in the United States and venture into a land rich with history. If this sounds intriguing, then we have a trip for you.

The Adventure program will trek down to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky on November 19–22 to explore what lies beneath the earth’s surface. At the end of each day, we’ll return above ground to camp under the night sky in the park. Trip meetings will take place on November 2 and 16 from 4–6 p.m. in the Student Fitness Center Lobby. Register by November 15 at the great price of $175 for students/members and $200 for faculty/staff nonmembers. Register online or at the Bob and Julie Dobski Welcome Desk in the Student Fitness Center. Transportation, cave tours, equipment, and food are all included in the cost of the trip.

Mammoth Caves National Park encompasses a vast amount of beauty including the Green River, a wide variety of animals and plants, and offers a comfortable underground temperature year round. Relax before the holidays and enjoy the caves as well as trails.

“This trip is always very popular, and provides participants with the unique opportunity to explore an area not normally seen,” said Rachel Iversen, assistant director for Adventure programs. “Plus, the steady temperature of the cave makes this a perfect destination for this time of year.”

For more information, visit the Adventure section of the website or call (309) 438-8427.