Two Illinois State University engineering technology students were recently awarded scholarships from the Association for Facilities Engineering.

Senior Matt Hermes and junior Jettie Staley were presented the scholarships October 11 by Ray Standerwick from the Association for Facilities Engineering, Illinois Sangamon Valley Chapter 126. The scholarships are awarded annually to Central Illinois residents with a high grade point average and an interest in engineering, science, or technology curriculum who intend to pursue a career in an engineering field.

Ray Standerwick and Matt Hermes

Ray Standerwick and Matt Hermes.

Hermes plans to graduate in May 2017. He learned about the engineering technology major through the Illinois State University website when he was researching colleges with a friend. After graduation, Hermes would like a career as a CAD engineer, a manufacturing engineer or a project engineer.

Hermes feels “his experiences in the Engineering Technology major have been fantastic.”

“Small class sizes combined with some fantastic equipment in the classroom equates to a favorable learning environment,” he said.

Ray Standerwick and Jettie Staley

Ray Standerwick and Jettie Staley.

Staley found the engineering technology program when she was researching four-year colleges with engineering degrees. She was drawn to the Central Illinois location of the program and to the applied application of real-world engineering concepts. As a former artist, creation is a driving force and engineering technology has improved her abilities and skills.

After graduation Staley would like a career that incorporates both electricity and mechanics with creating or redesigning new and better projects from start to finish using CAM and CAM software.

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      If you are an Illinois State student, you can search for scholarships in the Scholarship Finder at