The Department of Health Sciences is thrilled to introduce Jeff Bajema of Grand Rapids, Michigan, as the featured student of the week.

Bajema is a senior in the safety program. He was recruited on a track scholarship to run for the University and decided to take on safety as a major because it just “clicked” with him. He loves learning about safety and values the field because it looks out for others in the workplace and helps keep employees safe.

Bajema possesses many qualities that justify his passion for helping others. He is very involved, hardworking, and diligent. Bajema has received tremendous support from friends, family, and professors. He is thankful for them and believes they are the reason he is where he is at today.

The experiences that have stood out most to Bajema are the ones where he chose to be involved in areas that advanced his networking skills. Bajema’s dedication to the safety program is not an asset to be questioned, as he has presented his research at the student research symposium, served as vice president of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) student chapter, and learned a great deal of work ethic and time management from being on the track team. Through the safety program, Bajema has also had the opportunity to serve as a student worker, working on special projects with the program director and alumni, focusing on the growth of Illinois State’s safety program.

In 20 years, Bajema sees himself working successfully as a safety professional and also hopes to have a family. Bajema regards his two greatest role models as his parents, as their lives have been nothing but a reflection of hard work and integrity.

Thank you, Jeff, for being a part of the safety family at Illinois State University!

Jeff was nominated by the Safety program faculty because he has been an exemplary student in the program and a leader both inside and out of the classroom. He’s done all of this in addition to being a successful member of the Illinois State track & field and cross country teams while having to balance a schedule with all of the practices and meets.