Feeling anxious?  You are not alone. Anxiety is the No. 1 reason that students seek counseling at Student Counseling Services.  After all, students have plenty of stressors:  academics, finances, relationships, concerns about fitting in and family pressures. Anxiety symptoms range from headaches, muscle tension, or digestive problems, worry, tension, irritability, fear, difficulty concentrating, and avoiding certain tasks or situations.

Anxiety is the No. 1 reason that students seek counseling at Student Counseling Services.

Fortunately, there are numerous effective treatments for reducing anxiety that are available here at Illinois State. For starters, Student Counseling Services offers a free four-week workshop specifically designed to teach students how to cope with anxiety.  In this workshop, students learn how to identify and challenge their anxious thoughts, and also learn several relaxation strategies.

Additionally, Health Promotion and Wellness offers an excellent mindfulness class that is very effective at decreasing anxiety.  Clients at Student Counseling Services can also schedule appointments in our Relaxation Room where they will be guided in different types of relaxation skills such as biofeedback, deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation. Sometimes, medication can be effective in reducing anxiety.  Psychiatric services are offered through Student Health Services and the cost is often reimbursable by insurance–including student health insurance.

There are many online resources as well.  Progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and deep breathing are all effective at decreasing anxiety–and all are available on line. So schedule an appointment, sign up for a class, or try some online relaxation strategies–but don’t let anxiety ruin your semester.