An update from Sarah Brock ’13, who double majored in French and English at Illinois State University.

“I currently work for Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, as the administrative assistant to the director of admissions. I coordinate and book travel, organize meetings and take all meeting minutes, train and acclimate new staff, maintain catalogs of prospective student data and the office wide calendar. Previously, I worked closely with our international admissions representatives, organizing travel, fielding prospective student questions, and learning to navigate international education systems.

I’m also working on my master’s, which is the reason I chose Trinity. I will graduate in May with a master’s in English literature.

I know my French major has aided me immensely in this position. I look forward to continuing to implement the problem solving and general cultural awareness skills I gained as I progress on my career path this spring.

After I graduate I intend to find work as an academic advisor for a large public institution, partially because of Illinois State’s wonderful influence.”