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Gamma Phi Circus welcomes new assistant coach

Maritza Atayde

Maritza Atayde is the new assistant coach for Gamma Phi Circus.

Gamma Phi Circus is excited to welcome new assistant coach Maritza Atayde! Atayde was introduced to the troupe November 6 at practice. Atayde will be working closely with the aerial acts, including silks, multitrapeze, cloud swing, lyra hoop, and dance trapeze. She will also lend her expertise to the overall troupe with regard to styling, costuming, and makeup.

Atayde was born in Mexico City, Mexico, in August 1968. She is a fourth-generation circus performer and aerial specialist. Her family’s circus, Circo Atayde Hermanos, has been a premier circus in Mexico since 1888. Atayde graduated from Centro de Estudios Universitarios in 1987. Before and after graduating college, she was busy performing in the ring and onstage.

Atayde has performed with Circo Atayde Hermanos, Ringing Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Big Apple Circus, and Circus Spectacular. She has trained and performed a variety of acts, such as Spanish webs, single trapeze, cradle, elephant acts, Doberman dog act, Roman rings, slide of death, silks, and dancing. Atayde has had the opportunity to perform on stage with many musical theater productions, such as Don GatoThe Wizard of OzBarnum, and “Kuman.

Atayde has done it all, from performing to circus management to coaching aerialists. She has been a volunteer coach in the Gamma Phi gym, and she is a valued and knowledgeable resource to the Gamma Phi troupe and directors. She has unparalleled experience, and we know she will fit right in with the Gamma Phi Circus family.

Welcome, Maritza Atayde!