Instructional Assistant Professor Cindy Malinowski and former Assistant Professor Charlene Aaron were selected as 2016 Illinois Nursing Leader Fellowship (INLF) participants.

They presented their final project on the implementation of the portfolio project across the curriculum at Illinois State University’s Mennonite College of Nursing at the Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders (IONL) Leadership Fellowship event in November at the Alumni Center.

Malinowski and Aaron

Malinowski and Aaron

The INLF is a program dedicated to the development and support of managers and new directors from diverse practice environments throughout the state. Incorporating education, mentoring and networking, the fellowship is designed to build and enhance leadership skills and competencies.

The program consists of four interactive sessions, independent work and a project in the participant’s workplace setting. Upon completion, graduates agree to serve as mentors to future participants.

The Illinois Nursing Leader Fellowship is sponsored by the Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders and Illinois Healthcare Action Coalition in an effort to enhance the professional development of Illinois nurse leaders across the state.