Michael Sublett, GEO emeritus, authored “Downstate: Illinois’ Peripheral Other” in the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (Fall 2016).

Amy Hund, and Matthew Hesson-McInnis, PSY, co-authored “Reading-specific flexibility moderates the relation between reading strategy use and reading comprehension during the elementary years” for Mind, Brain and Education, and “Executive functioning predicts reading, mathematics, and theory of mind during the elementary years” for the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

Marla Reese-Weber and Jeffrey Kahn, PSY, were two of the authors of “Topics of conflict in emerging adults’ romantic relationships” for Emerging Adulthood.

Gregory Ferrence and Timothy Lash, CHE, were two of the co-authors of “Regioselective Oxidation and Metalation of Meso-unsubstituted Azuliporphyrins” for Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.

Allison Alcorn, MUS, had her book review of Whitney Quincy’s American Luthier: Carleen Hutchins—the Art & Science of the Violin published in the 2016 Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society.

Presentations and performances
Karyl Carlson, MUS, produced and provided vision for an inaugural event, Join Voices, Chicago!, which was sponsored by the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA). Five hundred and fifty students from 14 Chicago Public Schools participated in a non-competitive day of choral music.

David Collier, MUS, performed as timpanist with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra and Peoria Symphony Orchestra in October.

Geoffrey Duce, MUS, was a guest speaker for the Peoria Symphony Orchestra Guild’s Musical Mondays series. Together with music director George Stelluto, his topic was “Mozart as a Music Prodigy.”

Martha Horst, MUS, gave a presentation on her recent orchestral works at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.