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The following is a reflection by ROTC Cadet Meagan Doyle.

This summer I participated in the Nurse Summer Training Program in Germany. We were located in the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

I spent my monthlong training there in the labor and delivery unit. I was able to get hands-on experience during the birthing process and was able to assist my preceptor with administering medications, hanging fluids, providing non-pharmacological interventions, charting, assessment of newborn, newborn medication administration, patient communication, and much more.

I was able to experience firsthand the life of an active duty Army nurse and I loved it. This trip fortified my decisions to compete for Active Duty and spend my career serving in the military as an Active Duty Army nurse. I learned more in depth about the Patient Caring Touch System and how the military hospitals utilize this method of health care in all that they do. I met other cadets from all over the country who had the same ambitionĀ as I did about becoming an Active Duty Army nurse. We had the opportunity to listen to briefs from people who had been serving in the military for many years and how their time in the hospital was so influential to them.

Not only did we spend time in the hospital but we also were able to travel around Germany and get a taste of the unique culture as well. Having the opportunity to dive into another culture and adapt to that was an amazing experience in itself. We traveled to beautiful castles, took river boat tours, hiked some stunning mountains, and ate some delicious bratwurst.

I was able to improve as nurse and as a future officer throughout this training and I am so grateful for the opportunity and so excited for the future that the Army has in store for me.