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ROTC cadet was honored to be a class first sergeant this summer

Cadet Campbell in Air Assault Class of 005-16 Platoon

Cadet Campbell in Air Assault Class of 005-16 Platoon

The following is a reflection by ROTC Cadet Kayla Campbell. 

This summer I got the honor of being class first sergeant for the Air Assault Class of 005-16 as a cadet.

Since I was given that additional role and responsibility, I was enlightened to what it truly means (and takes) to be a leader. I realized how much influence and power a group of people can have. There were individuals in my class who went out of their way to support me through this experience. These individuals showed me why being a team is so important, and gave me a new understanding of why you get a second family when you join the military.

With their support and encouragement, I improved much more than I could on my own. My Air Assault sergeants were also very supportive of me. I had a lot to learn, but their guidance helped me reach a new level of leadership. Funny enough, the Air Assault sergeant in charge of the whole class was my sergeant airborne last summer.

Overall, the experience was definitely a learning one that has allowed me to gain self-confidence and has also made me a greater leader. For that I am thankful.