Assistant Professor Pranshoo Solanki from the Department of Technology is conducting a research study for developing a novel form of pervious concrete made by replacing 100 percent Portland cement with post-consumer PET plastic bottles. Further, developed pervious PET concrete will be evaluated for its feasibility as a pavement material by conducting strength and permeability tests.

recycling container

Plastic recycling container in Turner Hall.

Solanki named this new material as pervious PET concrete composite (PPCC). Pervious concrete pavement is capable of recharging ground water by capturing storm water and allowing it to seep into the ground.

Solanki has placed special recycling bins in Turner Hall for collecting plastic bottles for his research work. Students and faculty in Turner Hall are encouraged to use the specially marked bins for disposal of their plastic bottles.

Thank you for supporting Solanki’s research efforts in recycling plastic bottles in sustainable pervious pavements.