One aspect of the Laboratory School mission is for our faculty associates to engage in research for the purpose of providing insight on key educational issues.

Over the past two years, Maggy Proctor (University High School science teacher), Kirsten Hany (University High School social science teacher) and Jeff Wollenweber (University High School health and drivers education teacher) developed research regarding “Teacher Perception of Standards-Based Grading: Implication and Effectiveness” and gave a presentation at the College of Education that was created from their master’s thesis project. Through this research they were able to identify areas of standards-based grading in which faculty needed support, as well as identify professional development to meet staff needs.

Data collected will be used to reassess standards based grading and see if any additional issues should be addressed. In the future, Maggy, Jeff and Kirsten would like to expand their study to include teachers at Thomas Metcalf Laboratory School as well.