This week’s featured student, Katie Schumacher, is a community health education student in the Department of Health Sciences. Katie was nominated to be a featured student by her academic advisor, Anjie Almeda, because of an opportunity that Katie received this past spring semester.

Here’s what Almeda had to say about Katie:

“This opportunity stuck out to me because Katie traveled to Cyprus for an International Study experience and overcame some challenging obstacles! From the start of Katie’s endeavors, she has shown courage, determination, and a sense of adventure to study abroad for a semester. A number of our students undertake this experience with great success. What I learned about Katie, though, came from the way she handled a somewhat challenging start to her semester abroad. She had worked diligently to find a semester’s worth of courses to take in Cyprus, and had earned the approval of both universities for the transfer of those courses.

Just before she was to leave for her trip, she learned that the majority of these courses were only taught in Greek. She rallied support both at Illinois State and at University of Nicosia to completely re-do her semester. Throughout this stressful situation, Katie demonstrated many of the attributes we look for in our emerging professionals. She maintained her composure, her patience, her problem-solving ability, and her kindness.”

Here’s a Q&A with Katie:

Where is your hometown?

Arlington Heights.

What brought you to Illinois State?

I remember taking a tour my senior year of high school and it felt like home.

What is your major? Why did you choose that major?

Community health education. I originally wanted to do nutrition/dietetics but then I realized how much chemistry/math was involved … and I was out. I found community health education at preview and I love it.

How would you describe yourself?

Entertaining, eager, friendly, hungry.

What experiences at ISU stand out the most for you?

Illinois State gave me the opportunity to study abroad, and that’s definitely been one of my favorite experiences that I’m extremely thankful for.

What do you see yourself doing 20 years from now?

I just hope I’m at a job I enjoy … and living near a beach.

Who is your role model?

My dad. He’s hardworking, humble and has some great dad-jokes.

Katie, thanks for loving Illinois State and the community health education program. We are so glad you are such a shining part of the Department of Health Sciences family!