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History symposium: Celebrating 10 years of Collaborative Professional Development

headshot of Kevin Cline

Kevin Cline, keynote speaker

Please join the History Department, the McLean County Museum of History and the Regional Office of Education #17 at a history symposium, Celebrating 10 years of Collaborative Professional Development, Setting the Standard: Teaching History and the Social Sciences on Friday, January 27, 2017, at Illinois State University

This conference is open to all teachers (future and current) grades 6 through 12. CPDU’s provided and REO 17 District Teachers receive substitute reimbursement.

Registration is required.

Keynote speaker is Kevin Cline, 2016 Gilder Lerhman Institute for American History’s National Teacher of the Year, speaking on “Teaching the Past Without Teaching from the Past.”

Workshops include: Geographic Thinking in Action: Using Historic Maps in the Classroom, Crash Course on Civic Education: The New Civics Mandates and How to Bring Them Alive in the Classroom, Exploring the New Illinois Learning Standards for Economics and Financial Literacy: Bridging theory and Practice with Classroom Applications and Inquiry: How to Incorporate Successfully into your Classroom.

Preview of Sessions: Capitol Forum on America’s Future, World War II and German Propaganda, Illinois Global scholar, Using Podcasts to Conduct Social Analysis, Veterans Panel, Developing Inquiry and Civic Deliberation Skills Through Model U.N., Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Listening to Urban Youth Discuss Urban Pedagogy, Facing History and Ourselves: The Holocaust and Human Behavior.

For more information about session and workshop topics or to register for the conference, visit the conference website.