Several psychology students enrolled in PSY 390: Advanced Research Apprenticeship this semester presented the findings of their research December 9 at a poster session that took place in DeGarmo Hall.

Each semester, PSY 390 students engage in intensive work on a research project with a faculty member, which culminates in a final paper or presentation. These presentations often take the form of a poster presentation at the PSY 390 poster session, which typically takes place once per semester.

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The following posters were presented:

  • Sage Schneider, Learning Through Movies. Faculty advisor: Dawn McBride, Ph.D.
  • Nicole Landa, The Impact of Geographic Information Systems Technology in Elementary Classroom Use. Faculty advisor: Alycia Hund, Ph.D.
  • Carley Catherine, Teaching a Dog to Count: Counting Taught Through Shaping Versus Social Modeling. Faculty advisor: Valeri Farmer-Dougan, Ph.D.
  • Julia Henning: A Disequilibrium Evaluation of Food versus Social+Food Reinforcers: Which is More Effective With Experienced Vs. Inexperienced dogs. Faculty advisor: Farmer-Dougan.

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