Five student performers from Illinois State University’s Gamma Phi Circus will compete in VIVA Fest, the Vegas International Variety Act Festival on Friday, February 17,  in Las Vegas. The festival features amateur and professional circus performers of all ages from all over the world.

The five circus students have put together two acts to showcase during the competition in the category of “Emerging Artists”. One act includes Lyra Hoop combined with Cyr Wheel inspired by the hit Broadway show, Cats. Alison Tye, Joseph Kernes, and Savannah Wetzel will perform in that act. The second act includes Dance Trapeze with the theme of Wicked, performed by Mattie Schaefer playing Elphaba, and Rebecca Angles as Glinda, who also sings during the performance.

Ivan Stoinev is the assistant director of the Gamma Phi Circus and will be traveling to Las Vegas with the students for their competition.