The Department of Health Sciences is proud to present Jennifer Roesler of Ottawa, Illinois, as our featured student this week!

Welcoming challenges and honing her competitiveness, Jennifer displays an ambitious attitude toward her coursework and thrives to exceed expectations as a Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) major.

Initially, the aesthetic nature and interpersonal relationships with professors attracted Jennifer to Illinois State University. The transition from community college to campus-life at Illinois State was seamless for Jennifer, which she attests was contributed by smaller class sizes and the ability to have direct communication with professors. She became interested in the Medical Laboratory Science program because of the many career opportunities and the hands-on experiences that are integral to the ever-changing field. An internship with a medical laboratory scientist who happened to be an ISU alum reassured Jennifer of her confidence within the field and that she is exactly where she belongs.

When she is not studying, Jennifer turns to music as her unwinding muse. Music has served as a significant role in her life. Since the fourth grade, Jennifer has played the saxophone in band but the instrument now serves as a means to alleviate schoolwork-related stress. In the future, Jennifer sees herself working in the MLS profession, with hopes of mentoring prospective MLS students.

Thank you, Jennifer, for being a part of the Medical Laboratory Science family at Illinois State University!

Jennifer was nominated by the Medical Laboratory Science faculty because of her academic ability and leadership skills. Jennifer is the current secretary of the Medical Laboratory Science Society.