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To the Editor,

I really enjoyed the article Exceptional English niche (May 2016). I graduated in 1976 with a degree in elementary education. I do not remember any of my professors except Professor Taimi Ranta. I love books, and I loved her class. I took as many classes from her as I could. I still have a few of the assignments I had to do for her class. I used what I learned from her in my years of teaching. She was a great influence in my career as a teacher. Thank you for the article and the memories.

Tamara (Bateman) Wheatley ’76

To the Editor,

Imagine my surprise when I read the May issue of Illinois State and saw the picture of Jamie Schumacher with a group of Haitian children (A heart for Haiti). Four of the girls were wearing pillowcase dresses that I had made.

I retired after 35 years of teaching all levels of special needs students. I manage Threadworks Cottage Kindness Sewing Mission. It serves counties in central Pennsylvania as well as Appalachia and Indian reservations.

It’s amazing what a few minutes of time can do to brighten the lives of others. We seldom see our outfits in use, so this was a real treat. I wish Jamie continued success with her compassionate endeavors.

Deborah (Johnson) Richter, M.A. ’71

To the Editor,

I was delighted to see the well-deserved praise of the children’s literature offerings at ISU (May 2016). It brought back a wonderful memory of 1953, when as a special education major I took children’s literature. Some of the books read are still my favorites today!

I returned to my native state of Oklahoma and applied for a teaching certificate. Oklahoma required a library science class for a teaching certificate. I gave them a synapsis of my children’s literature class and got my certificate! That class saved the day. Thank you ISU!

JimAnn (Smith) Oliver ’53