Illinois State University students have avenues to report and talk about incidents that cause them alarm, fear, or could be potentially dangerous.

Anyone on campus in imminent danger should call 911, which is connected to University Police. For all other cases that cause students fear, the first stop generally is to contact the Dean of Students Office on the third floor of the Student Services Building, or call the office at (309) 438-2008. Students, faculty, and staff can also fill out an online report form.

“We want Illinois State to be an inclusive environment,” said Dean of Students John Davenport. “And that means providing a safe space for students to report when they are experiencing intolerance.”

Reports can vary, from a group of men following a woman and frightening her with racist and sexist taunts, to people using derogatory language in the classroom. The Dean of Students can be a starting point for reports that can go to other departments, such as the University Police, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, Student Counseling Services, and Student Conflict and Resolution.

“Even those who do not wish to file an official report, but need a space to talk about what is happening can call or come by the office,” said Davenport, who added there is a “Dean on Duty” to respond to concerns. He added that students can express anger or concern on social media, but that a university official must be notified for action to be taken.

“Students might feel if they talk about an incident on social media, that is the same as reporting. But we need an actual report with University personnel to move forward,” said Davenport.

Faculty and staff who hear of incidents from students can also contact the Dean of Students Office. “Sometimes we can be that first point of contact,” said Assistant Director of Residential Life Guadalupe Montalvo. “We want to be able to help and support our students so that they stay on campus.”

More resources are available in A Guide to Helping Students Get Help.

For more information, contact the Dean of Students Office at (309) 438-2008.