Vocational wellness is one of the interconnected SEVEN dimensions that contributes to our overall health and well being.

One way we can define vocational wellness is by the ability to receive personal fulfillment from where we work. Apart from chosen career fields, however, vocational wellness also encompasses volunteer work and other activities that utilizes a person’s skills while providing personal satisfaction that is valuable for society as well as the individual.

Those who foster vocational wellness have a desire to contribute to their careers and activities with the mentality of wanting to make a positive impact on the organizations they work in, communities they live in, and the society as a whole.

Not only should we do work that we love, but we should aim to do it well. Below is a list of 10 ways we can be sensationally successful in the workforce as derived from American Express’s #PassionProject:

  1. Behave as if you’re still being interviewed.
  2. See your manager as a person you help, not a person who tells you what to do.
  3. Build relationships based on performance, not conversation.
  4. Go the extra mile early—and often.
  5. Spot the high performers and mimic them.
  6. Think three moves ahead.
  7. Find a way to stand out.
  8. Create your own project.
  9. Find people to help.
  10. Never forget why you were hired.

Vocational wellness also means having a balance of work and leisure in a way that:

  • promotes health
  • invites personal satisfaction
  • is financially rewarding

Maintaining a positive attitude while effectively handling work, school, career goals, and other responsibilities will greatly influence your wellness, performance, interactions with others and, most importantly, your overall success and happiness. Other ways to foster vocational wellness include:

  • Do not settle, but rather stay motivated to work towards your aspirations.
  • Continually learn new trade skills in your profession.
  • Recognize the benefits and positive outcomes of your current work.
  • Build personal connections with those you work with.
  • Don’t overwork yourself- Find a balance between work and life.
  • Make a list of your career objectives and continually work to achieve them.

View additional vocational wellness resources on the Health Promotion and Wellness website.

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