The Office of International Studies and Programs (OISP) is excited to announce five new grant opportunities for Illinois State faculty members. These opportunities are designed to help advance the internationalization efforts of the institution and provide new options for the Illinois State community to learn about different topics and issues from around the world.

International Seminar Series

OISP requests proposals for the spring 2018 International Seminar Series. We invite applications for semester-long international seminars focused on global, comparative, or trans-area international themes. International Seminar Series applications should be submitted by at least two individuals who are members of the faculty or academic staff affiliated with different academic programs. OISP will provide a startup budget of up to $20,000 per semester to cover expenses associated with the series. Funding can be used to bring in outside speakers, run symposiums, fund video conferencing, or promote events related to the international seminar theme. The fall 2017 application deadline has passed. However, we are still accepting applications for spring 2018.

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Internationalizing the Curriculum of a Major

OISP announces the first year of the Internationalizing the Curriculum of a Major (ICM) grant, which is designed to enhance internationalization of the undergraduate student experience. The emphasis of ICM grants is developing rigorous, innovative approaches in teaching, learning, and research that strengthen the integration of global content and cross-cultural competence within the curriculum of a major. ICM grants are administered jointly by OISP and the International Studies Advisory Council (ISAC). Up to $30,000 will be allocated in this first round. The goal is to create greater opportunities for exposing students to the breadth of cultures and languages, and to expand their exposure to, and familiarity with, global issues and diverse international perspectives. The ICM grants may focus on interdisciplinary approaches to internationalizing the major.

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Faculty International Travel Grant

OISP has established an international travel grant program in the amount of $10,000 for the academic year 2017–2018.  The FITG seeks to support initiatives/activities that contribute to the internationalization of the University and that are consistent with Goal 2 and Strategy 5 of the University’s 2013-2018 Educating Illinois strategic plan.

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Going Global With Your Course

Design or revamp your course to make it more globally engaged, in keeping with Educating Illinois and the University’s International Strategic Plan. Become aware of current paradigms shaping the internationalization of higher education and how these have been conceptualized and operationalized. Learn about common and effective approaches for creating global courses. You’ll become familiar with books, organizations, web sites, and technological tools that can help you design or redesign your course. You’ll also hear from others who have recently gone global with their own courses. A $500 stipend is available to eligible participants who complete the program. This opportunity is offered in collaboration with Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT).

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Global Engagement Learning Grants

Global Engagement Learning Grants support the incorporation of Educating Illinois Goal 2 into students’ curricular experiences. Grants reimburse faculty for expenses directly associated with course-based events, activities, or projects that “prepare students to excel in a globally competitive, culturally diverse, and changing environment.” This grant is co-sponsored by OISP and CTLT. Awards are up to $500. No deadlines—applications accepted at any time before the work commences.

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For questions about any of these grants, please contact OISP at (309) 438-5276.