An update from freshman early childhood education major and Italian studies minor Renata Serpico.

I am of Italian heritage–my grandfather immigrated to the U.S. in 1957.  I would always hear him, his siblings and my mom speak the language and wanted to be able to understand and be a part of their conversation. My high school did not offer Italian, just Spanish, so once I attended Illinois State, I knew I could finally learn the language of where I am truly from.

I am pretty busy as a student because of my major and my minor! I also work at the Visor Center as a math tutor.  I love to learn and teach, so the hustle is worth every second of it.  I am in three RSOs as well–Golden Apple ISU, which is a teaching scholarship for students in the state of Illinois that want to become future educators, Sigma Sigma Sigma, one of the Greek chapters here on the university campus, and Her Campus, an online journalism blog with content written by female student here on campus, as well as nationwide.

I love my Italian studies minor–it made me happy even when I applied!  I originally planned to take the language class and graduate with extra credit hours, but one day in my Italian 111 class, Dr. Jasper from the Department of History came to speak to us about study abroad in Italy and complimented the Language department here at Illinois State. My professor (Laura Edwards) asked my roommate and me if we were thinking about applying to be studies minors, and we said yes! Since then, we both have applied and were accepted – and proudly rock our “State Your Language” shirts.

I will be studying abroad this coming summer semester with the College of Education in Milan, Italy. I am excited that this not only incorporates my Italian minor, but my Education major as well and I look forward to experience the Italian culture and put my newly learned Italian to use!

After I graduate, I will be working in a school of need due to my teaching scholarship. I am beyond blessed and excited for this opportunity. My future goals are to travel to Italy, which I can cross off my list soon, and to become the best educator that I can be. I would love to go back to school to get endorsed to teach Italian!