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Student Access and Accommodation Services provides resources and awareness to campus

Person with cane walking with diploma at commencement

SAAS provides resources and accommodations for students with disabilities

Student Access and Accommodation Services (SAAS) aids in providing a welcoming atmosphere for students and guests with disabilities by assisting these individuals in functioning independently within the University community. SAAS helps students in accomplishing their educational, professional, and personal goals by serving as the designated office to provide approved accommodation services.

Specific functions of the SAAS office include obtaining and maintaining documentation of disability, certifying eligibility for services, determining reasonable accommodations, and developing plans for providing such accommodations. All services are offered in a confidential manner to ensure equal access and opportunity for participation in all courses, programs, and activities offered by Illinois State.

“SAAS supports students with disabilities through a social justice model where we hope every student feels welcome. Our assistance helps students in attaining their educational goals,” said Tammie Keney, director of Student Access and Accommodation Services.

In addition to the resources provided to students and guests with disabilities, SAAS also helps to educate and spread awareness across campus on issues related to diversity. On March 28, SAAS will host guest speaker Matt Glowacki, who uses hidden messages behind Family Guy and South Park to break down stereotypical attitudes and behavior toward diversity. Glowacki is best known for his practical and humorous manner to identify these issues in our society through his usage of popular culture and news media.

The goal of this program is to motivate students to engage in continual dialogue and exchange of ideas, methods, and perspectives. Glowacki’s approach will allow students to think critically about the importance of taking an active role in their personal growth as they read, hear, and watch media.

“Students will leave the talk with an increased awareness of diversity and an understanding of how the media influences our everyday lives,” said Zach McDowell, coordinator of accommodation services.

For more information about this event or resources provided by SAAS, contact Student Access and Accommodation Services (309) 438-5853.

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