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Faculty present at Midwest Political Science Association annual conference

Several Department of Politics and Government faculty members attended the 2017 Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting in Chicago on April 6–9, 2017. They presented or co-presented the following papers:

Meghan Leonard presented a co-authored paper (with Joseph Ross) entitled “Gender and Opinion Assignment on State Supreme Courts”

Kerri Milita single-authored “Helicopter Parenting and the Decline of Political Ambition.”

Carl Palmer presented two papers entitled “Come to the Dark Side: The ‘Dark Triad,’ Participation, and Nascent Ambition” (with Rolfe D. Peterson) and “Political Implications of Perceived Partisan Biases in the Classroom.”

T.Y. Wang presented “Political Cleavage and Electoral Decision: A Comparative Analysis of Korea and Taiwan.

L.J. Zigerell is the author of “Is Racial Resentment a Useful Measure?”